Thursday, February 19, 2015

The poster of Harry Potter doesn't really have any visuals that show when the movie was made. However the text at the bottom of the image displays the release date as well as it's feature in IMAX.
So the movie is probably a more recent addition to the Harry Potter film saga. In fact, seeing how the text at bottom of the poster also read "IT ALL ENDS," I think it's also safe to assume that it's an ad poster for the final film of the saga. The poster is very dark and mystic, the color scheme and the darkness gives it a science fiction theme. It also goes along with the text and the idea that it's the end (hence the darkness).

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Johnathan Bentley
College Writing II
2015 January 27

Purpose Statement for the Photo Essay

Topic: Identity → how it is shaped by our experience
Thesis: The things we experience and the people we encounter shapes the people we become. *In other words, we are what we experience.*   
We can get a sense of our own identities by reflecting on our past experiences, and we can shape our own identities by controlling what we continue to experience.

Medium + Production
(pictures + words(captions) How? Why?
I want to use pictures from Chicago, my neighborhood, my community; school(s), family and friend to capture my experience growing up and how it has shaped me as a young adult. Perhaps my photos may also illustrate how some of my families and friends were impacted by a similar experience in Chicago. This will convey my theme of identity and build on my argument. My pictures and captions will establish credibility in my claim and will give an example of how a person’s experience has shaped his character.

Strategy + Arrangement:
(compare and contrast)
My experience growing up in Chicago vs My experience coming to Lewis University(being on my own).
My home(Chicago/community) has made me into a young adult while my life here at Lewis has given me more control over my life as an adult. My community, family and friends has influenced my identity--the person I’ve become. My college experience here at Lewis is changing the way I perceive myself and the world.

My life/experience as a child has humbled me, giving me a sense of compassion and perseverance. However, my encounters with certain people and situations while growing up in the city has made me very cautious, sometimes paranoid and untrusting. That may interfere with my experiences outside of my community, like in college.

Coming into Lewis, I was a bit reluctant to interact with others. Based on my experience back at home, I had this preconceived notion that no one here would relate to me.
Over the past months at Lewis, I opened up and made new friends. My experience here thus far has changed my perception of life and people. Not many of my friends and peers from home went on to college, infact many of the kids in my community weren’t expected to. But Life at a University has sort of raised the bar for me and has set some higher expectations.
At Lewis, my professors and peers push me to be at my best. My experience here has built on my identity and self-worth, while broadening my perception and sense of capability as a young adult.

Capturing the transition from home to Lewis university while highlighting some changes with me will illustrate just how great of an impact our environments have on us. This experience has change the way I identify myself and how I identify with others.
As a Young adult at college my identity continues to evolve, and because I have more control over what I experience and the people I am involved with here, I am controlling how my identity evolves.

  • Pictures from home: background(credibility)
Chicago→Neighborhood(community)→ Home/My old School(s)→ Family/Friends→ My identity: these people/places reflect who I am
  • Pictures from Lewis:(compare/contrast) my transition from home to Lewis
  • Pictures of friends(from home and Lewis) how some of their experiences have shaped their identities
  • *possibly* Photos from my Aunt and Mother (two teachers in Chicago): how they continue to evolve even as adults, as they continue to encounter new people and experience as teachers.
*this may support my claim that identity is dynamic and continues to transform in relation to our experience as people.*

Take away:
reflecting on the people we’ve encountered and the things we’ve experienced gives us an idea of the people we are.
It is important to broaden our horizons with a variety of experiences that will continue to shape us as people and transform/enlighten our sense of identity.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The role of design in written communication demonstrates the importance of structure and organization when conveying an effective argument (or developing a claim). I've realized that as a writer it is vital to grasp an idea of what I'm trying to do and how I'm going to do it. Design is essentially a gateway to a source of unlimited ways to approach communication; it provides an extension to writing as-well as a more creative/innovative way to communicate. Incorporating design into writing makes communication more effective and efficient.